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Brekton: Godfall Ascension -- Introduction

Introduction Brekton: Godfall Ascension is a modern fantasy setting where the player characters take on the role of a long-forgotten god of the world. These gods, or “Incarnates” as they will become known, are the representations of the world’s ancient polytheistic belief systems who are reemerging in the modern world. In the past of Brekton, many magical creatures roamed its surface, skies and seas. Today, mankind has eclipsed these beings as the master of the world. Few in the modern age of technology, instant communication, Internet knowledge, and global travel believe any of these creatures truly existed. Even those who study the planet’s history and ancient cultures find little evidence that this fantastic place was real. The people of Brekton, the humans, had an enormous impact on its evolution. Once, humanity was one of numerous races. They existed alongside the elves, dragons, dwarves and every fantastic being you’ve read of in fairy tales and mythology.

Brekton: Godfall Ascension Preamble & Pitch

Brekton: Godfall Ascension (or its concept) germinated over a decade ago. My home setting is built on a core creation myth, the tale of Makian and the Gods of Brekton. Most of the games we've played took place in a sword & sorcery fantasy world in the midst of change. Mankind and its impact on the world as they rise in influence and power above the Dragons and Elves and Dwarves of the old times brings with it a rise in technology and supplanting of the polytheistic faiths for an all encroaching and consuming belief in "The One." A belief in a great power who is not one of the gods. Over the course of the next few posts I'll endeavor to share this tale and discuss how it sets the stage for the world of Brekton, a modern world like our own, which is the setting of Brekton: Godfall Ascension.

Brekton: Godfall Ascension Prelude to a Project

It has been a while since I felt inspired. I've been writing, drawing, reading and playing games most of my life. Lately, not so much. I've been personally overwhelmed a few times by life events and recently by what I can only really classify as a mental break... so I've decided I need to shift effort back into more creative pursuits to keep the monsters at bay. To that end, I've begun working on a traditional RPG tabletop game system and setting called Brekton: G odfall Ascension . This isn't going to be a purely new game. It's based on a modern version of my home fantasy RPG campaign setting called Brekton.