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Day 16: Anti-Apotheosis

Gustave DorĂ© 's illustration for Milton's Paradise Lost , Book IV, lines 1013–1015: Satan (alias Lucifer) yielding before Gabriel "I've sinned brothers. I've committed carnal acts and profane acts. Yet I am one who should not be forgiven these things. Our lord and creator however, he is a gracious lord. He absolves those who act in penitence and humility.  His light is pure. His message is true. Your view of it is obscured by a darkness you cannot penetrate from within the source of the light." "I BEG FORGIVENESS. I ask you to listen, to excuse; I am an unworthy vessel of the lord yet still he speaks through me. He is almighty. He is the Alpha and the Omega... I am ever the least of his subjects. Least worthy. Least sincere. Yet still he deigns to favor me with immortal insight." "Many have called me prophet, and just as many have called me charlatan. I don't claim to know which I truly am, but in the end I am but a willing supplica