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Milestone Get: 10 Years

I was looking back over the blog today as I posted my most recent piece and I realized I first started this back in my Livejournal days of 2005... while I mostly retired my Livejournal in 2011 and purchased the domain name for this blog, I thought I should recognize this achievement. The Hazardous Precept has not been as active as I'd have liked, but when I began this was meant to be the home for my creative writing. It's become more over time and may become more yet still.. but hey.. this place is 10! Yay!

Media Insight: Overlord

There is something so interesting about portraying the "bad guy." Whether it is through the sometimes incomprehensible attraction of characters like Boba Fett or Aurra Sing in Star Wars, or in playing games where you get to take an active hand being bad - like in the classic game Dungeon Keeper, flipping the traditional role of heroic savior on its ear can be fun. Overlord( 1 ), a new anime series airing this summer, seems to like the concept of playing against type but delves into a bit of character study not about the mindset of evil, but in the impact of portraying an evil being has on a fundamentally "good" person. This series takes a more increasingly common premise - that of a game player stuck in a fantasy game world as we've seen repeated numerous times in Anime since the first .Hack series through current darling Sword Art Online and its clones - and twists it around to show not only the impact on the player, but the player's impact on the

Revision and Revisit

Fallow. That's a word to describe my creative life in the last year or two. I eek out a little here and there but I'm finding it hard to focus on the fun things. The Hazardous Precept is that I may not have the time or energy to be creative. The Hazardous Precept is that I might not have a voice I can share. So.. I'm going to try. I'm likely to fail, but I need this for me. I'm not sure what form the Blog will evolve into, I need creative outlets. I want to finish a few game designs, I want to tell more than a few tales... I need to make it happen. Hopefully, someone will come with me on this trip, and those who have stood back and watched will work to remind me I owe them the effort as much as I owe it to myself for however long they wish to follow.