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Day 24: Cyclomatic

Pan Ohio Hope Ride 2012 - Ohio Statehouse Steps It's been an interesting year for me. I started a new job. I got back on the bike and rode a huge number of miles in my first Pan Ohio Hope ride and this week I'm coming full circle on a momentous, life-changing event from my past... I have my 10 year checkup for my colon after my surgery. 10 years clean and clear, so I can hopefully move to a five year check cycle or maybe god forfend.. even a 10 year cycle. I wish I could say I was cool with everything going on right now. I'm spending every night studying for the CISSP exam. I'm working in a job that while interesting can tax you mentally and emotionally through stress and performance requirements, and I'm lamenting roads not taken. I've done a lot of that in fact. Then again, I've come to realize I naval gaze a lot no matter if the time is good or bad. Right now it's not really either sunny yellow or dour blue... it just sorta is both. (and acc