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The Spark - Work in Progress

Work is beginning on the first web comic story for The Spark Part 2 . I'm not sure what my regular readers think, or even how many have read through the two introductory parts of The Spark story. I tend to be a methodical planner when it comes to my work, so I'm in the process of identifying templates that match the mental image I've assigned to the characters you've met so far in the print and who will shortly enter the stage in the next two segments so I'm going to share some images of those templated people.. and the character descriptions I've worked up for them: Today I'll cover the Clutch characters from the story. As I complete the character designs I'll be creating landing pages with actual artwork as well.  Let's start with Valana and her associates Daragoth's Clutch So for the basic characters for Daragoth's Clutch I wanted to do something a bit different. The Clutch is an ordered caste society. The dragons and dragonkin rul


The Bamboo Stylus from Wacom - for Capacitance Touch Screens A quick update. The launch of the original content and the publication schedule are in the works. First up will likely be the Podcast, then some web comic content. I just picked up the Bamboo Solo for my Kindle. I discovered that Sketchbook Mobile worked very well but my finger painting bothered me, so I decided to try a stylus. I don't imagine I'll be doing full work on the Kindle Fire for awhile, but it will help me augment as I do the design and roughs for the web comic. First illustrated story will be set in the universe of The Spark... I have a longer term new setting and story but can't dive in until after I complete a professional certification for my paying work. If you, my potential regular audience, could choose the order of events how would you suggest I prioritize the features I've described for the site? Leave me some comments and we'll discuss...