The Bamboo Stylus from Wacom - for Capacitance Touch Screens
A quick update. The launch of the original content and the publication schedule are in the works. First up will likely be the Podcast, then some web comic content.

I just picked up the Bamboo Solo for my Kindle. I discovered that Sketchbook Mobile worked very well but my finger painting bothered me, so I decided to try a stylus. I don't imagine I'll be doing full work on the Kindle Fire for awhile, but it will help me augment as I do the design and roughs for the web comic. First illustrated story will be set in the universe of The Spark...

I have a longer term new setting and story but can't dive in until after I complete a professional certification for my paying work.

If you, my potential regular audience, could choose the order of events how would you suggest I prioritize the features I've described for the site? Leave me some comments and we'll discuss...


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