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Day 21: Quietus

Quietus Calmness drifts fittingly in the spring night like fresh dew settling on the morning petals. So much cacophony. Noise and commotion to drown the sunlight in dreadful brilliance. Night settles in as a fervent lover, quick to embrace a fleeing quarry. Beasts awake and stalk their prey, rapacious before moons dawning. I know him, the one who rises; the one who creeps. Many names have we given the one who watches and waits, eternal in his observation but far from passive in his dealings. Silk and cloth, wrapped in fleeting passion with coin tendered. Bold and yet subtle its action; loud and yet silent its approach. The vessel awaits a morsel to contain, its center hollow and craving. It sees me now. So patient, So calm. Release... Refrain... Resignation. Not in fury's grip do I go but in calm moments. I see the world as it is. I see the land that was mine. I see only it as the veil unfolds before me. I accept and welcome it though I know not what it mean