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Functionally Depressed - Part 3

"I thought this was about... something else" When I began this series of blog entries, my intent was to set out to help explain the state of mind I've observed grow and expand in my head space. ( Unfortunately, that's not as cool as Innerspace or Darkspace... ) So far: I've attacked the premise of modern Psychology; Created a possibly real, but possibly not diagnosis for my mental state; Whined about the loss of my father and shared some disappointment with how I dealt with it; Told a really long story about a bike ride I've failed to discuss anything about how these events impacted me or how I can claim "functionality"  Where will this rambling narrative end? Not there.. let me assure you. Picking up where we left off in our last installment, a few months after starting a company, taking on a new contract job and losing my father -  I and one of my daughters were attempting "Extreme Stress Therapy" (i.e. a long bike rid