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Brekton: Godfall Ascension - Character Concepts and Skills

Today's post is a result of my ongoing discussion on game design and adapting your chosen system to fit your ideal setting. It'll get a little mechanical but I'll try and keep it out of the weeds for those who don't want to grok the mechanics of character advancement in the d20-ish systems. First off... lets talk about choices. Choices are the most important thing in my games. Sure there are these messy rules that limit what you or I can do in a simulated world, but ultimately for me to enjoy a game as either a storyteller or a player I have to feel like the results of the situation are based upon choice not fate. When I've most enjoyed games, especially tabletop role-playing games, I think back and realize that it was my sense of connection, ownership and agency that most contributed to maximizing the impact of the game. I resonate when I get to make a decision and see the outcome. This, I guess, is also true in life.