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It Seems as Good a Time as Any

New year, new update.. well let us hope its more frequent than that. I wanted to kick off this year with some examples of some of my practice sketches I've been doing to get the hang of the paper to digital drawing transition. The Web Cam image  I used to test the applications. The Surface Factor Last year, when I moved from my former job to my present one I decided I needed an ultra-portable workstation to take on site during incident response and forensic work. I will avoid discussing my other professional excursions on this outlet as my life as a Computer Forensics and Crisis Management dude is not for public consumption most days, but my creative outlets did lead to influencing my purchase decision for a new work system. When purchasing the new system I knew I also wanted to see if I could get a pen-based touch pad that would allow me to draw directly on the screen with enough resolution to complete my digital transition. This process led me fairly rapidly to