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Day 13: Symbolosis

"Symbols are important to them. Everything they do surrounds them. The easiest way to conquer them is to use this dependence on the undefined and subjective to our advantage."-  Unpublished words from a short story I wrote in 8th grade (1986) about super heroes and a demonic invasion. Symbolism plays an important role in my life. It encapsulates my worldview. It helps define where I've been, where I'm going and how I need to get or leave there. This entry is about playing with symbols and playing with words. At one time I imagined myself a visual storyteller. I've been bouncing idea after idea around trying to find the right story to tell and often finding my ability to translate it visually or in words lacking. This is one reason I struggle so fervently against the symbols that comprise my world. I'm an idealist. Someone who believes easily and trusts handily. When I commit, my default mode is to trust. That doesn't mean I'm blind to deceptio

Day X=1: Merry Christmas

I've said it. That is all.. oh and enjoy the pic. I believe I'll be making a real entry later today.