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Who gives a F**k? - A Poem in One Part and a Poet in Many Pieces

Apologies to a faceless Internet crowd are mental masturbation. The truth is no one enjoys this echo chamber, not even me. I'm in a black mod today. Dark, dank evil. A "fuck you" mood. A "kick kittens" and "piss on babies" mood. I'm angry. Angsty. Regretful. Defeated. This is not, contrary to some perspectives, my normal state. This is my now state. I could care less how to be nice and play well. I want to wail and rail and whine and shake my fists at the apathetic world. This is an expression of rage and frustration. A statement of loss and regret. I am not who I want to be. I can see that person. I imagine who he is, but I am not he. I will never be that person. That goal is unattainable. That goal is shit. That face is false and the belief that I would be happy and content as that person is false as well. I am not a perfectionist seeking the best in all and every effort. I claim to seek excellence yet I fail to accept my perform