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The Backlog - Episode 1 - Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete

Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete - c. 1999 New World Computing Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Backlog. I'm moving pretty rapidly on this concept - as I have 314 games presently in the game list and we're burning daylight. Since this is the first episode and honestly I've not quite figured out what I want to do just yet I went ahead and used a random number generator to pick our first title. Much to my delight - that game ended up being one I've spent Hundreds of hours playing alone and with friends. Before I dive into the personal perspective on Heroes III I figure I'll include the historical info on the game, and an embedded link to the twitch stream. A little warning - the Twitch broadcast is a little dry.

Introducing "The Backlog"

Thinking a bit about the ways to fill the content vacuum that has appeared here while also finding a solution to my lack of game follow through (meaning I seem to have problems with completion). I decided I might get the old games' journo skills back up and running with a regular feature as I work through my Steam and GoG (and possibly Origin) digital game libraries. So today I spent some time compiling a list of all the games in my collection.. and I arrived at the following list of 314 Titles. Excepting the MMOs in the bunch I will be working through each title and posting a humorous story, mini-review or piece of game-related analysis related to each experience or other tale along side possibly executing a regular interactive "Short Play" on my Twitch Channel and archiving the broadcasts for later fun. As I have not determined the order I'd love some suggestions or requests to get it started. Leave your suggestions in the comments....