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Day 15: Crusading for Fun and Profit

I've always been a bit of a crusader. I realize I'm starting this whole blog post more on the nose than usual, but here it is. Right here. Right in front of me. This thought may seem a bit obvious to those around me daily. However, I don't always see it. Why do I write of my realization now? Well, lets just say I've been a bit busy lately. In those moments of self-reflection when I look back at where I am and how I got here, (which strangely come to me more often than not when I'm showering (I know that's more than you cared for me to share)), it occurred to me that I'd been neglecting some of my aspirational activities lately. This, I've noticed, tends to happen when I become completely focused on things like learning a new skill or taking on a new job. Where stress builds I tend to dive into one set of interests or activities to the exclusion of all else. Frankly, I can't function in a stress free environment so I add additional stresses