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Day 11: Epiphany

Making changes in ones life can have pretty profound effects on your mental state. The stresses of looking for an option, weighing the choices, pursuing the decision.. All of that alone elevates the normal fight or flight response in most of us, but lately I've had that while continuing to work and manage the stresses of the day job and a family that sometimes needs more hand holding and support than I think I can always offer. This week I had a pretty big awakening. I gave my notice with Ohio State three weeks ago. Were I just the average person I would have slowly and quietly stepped away from the work. I would have removed myself from decisions and management practices. I would have faded away. I am not that sort of person. I looked back at the past few times I've made the decision to leave a job or place of employment, and aside from a few early jobs where I was a clerk or tech, once I became an adult I've always experienced personal conflict about leaving. L