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Day 3 (Sorta) - Politics As Usual

An example of some brotherly family dynamics... oddly familiar to me: Game Of Thrones - Jon Snow, Robb, Bran & Rickon Stark We regret the slight delay in the last few days of updates, it's taken me some time to recover from the weekend vacation and I'm now back at the forge pounding away at the rough steel of my creativity. Speaking of the weekend I had an opportunity to spend an extended period of time with my older brothers ( or some of them anyway). I noticed almost immediately how I allowed myself to fall down in the social politics of the situation. While I won't waste time or space here recounting my thoughts on the whole experience - as that's personal and not going to paint the best impression of the events right now - the entire experience got me thinking about the roles we play within our family make up. Even now as I near 40 years on this rock, I allow myself to slide back into that past role place just like a rebellious 14 year old kid. I've