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Day 14: Imaginary Thoughts

Self Portrait, c. 2003 This post is meant to be a bit less about writing and a bit more about my art. By art I'm referring to the visual work I crafted and studied and hoped at one point to use as my primary form of expression. I've mentioned before that I started out thinking I was destined to become a visual storyteller. I primarily used drawing as my creative escape and means of dealing with the stresses of my life. I would withdraw from the world, pencil in hand to my studio (my upstairs uncooled bedroom in my teenage years, or the basement of  our townhouse apartment in Westerville before I joined the Marine Corps ) for my release. Digital Sketch, c. 2011 Drawing always felt like an isolated activity for me. I've also written about the need to pour myself, unmolested and often undisturbed into the crafting of a drawing or piece of artwork when I was doing it for personal purposes. During college I came to realize that successful artists often have to lear