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Day 17: Thoughtsies!

I'm on break. Its not the most natural thing for me to do. I just don't handle the idle state very well. While taking this break from my regularly scheduled life I've had a few moments of inspiration that make me wonder what all I'm doing with myself right now. I have this huge list of things, this huge list of thoughts I have percolating in my head like a classic bubble and drip coffee maker. Every few seconds my skull reverberates with the sound of another burbling belch as the ideas process. This break though has given me an opportunity to just stop thinking about my daily tasks and goals and step back a bit. I know I'm a bit over-self-reflective sometimes as it is when I take the time to think. (see what I did there.. triple compound hyphen word!! - I rock at mutilating the English language) This time though I realized there were some things I wanted to do that wouldn't turn into huge mental productions.. at least not right away. I've made this l