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Experimental Reviewing

Here is a copy of the sort of experiential/experimental game review I was referring to in my last post .. this is old and for a game that I so wanted to love - despite its failure. Taken from the perspective of a character in the game who was experiencing the problems of the game in real-time as he lived.. I think it went over people's heads sometimes... but at least Ron and I loved it. I had done something similarly for my  The Matrix Online, and Animal Crossing  reviews at the Columbus Dispatch that I don't think anyone got either.. lol. Today I think I'd take a slightly different path with the approach - there is so much unnatural language here, it does not read like someone from the world really because it is attempting to be both a review and an experience piece.

Falling Out

Tomorrow is an important day for many of us.. Bethesda's long awaited 2nd Fallout title will hit PCs and game consoles and suck away the limited free time of many of the fans of Interplay's long running franchise. (I don't count Fallout: New Vegas as a Bethesda game as it was Obsidian developed) Tomorrow is also November 10th, the day I traditionally take off work to relax and reflect on the history of the Marine Corps. Yes, its a cultist tradition that we jarheads partake in. No, its not an excuse for drunken debauchery. The fact that both the release of the game and my yearly birthday celebration collided is lucky happenstance. Like many I have a storied history with the Fallout series. Though, in an ever present show of my age I can claim to have been excited for the games since they were supposed to be an adaption of Steve Jackson's GURPS games, for which I have to blame my good friend and fellow Marine Ken Heskett . Fallout has been one of my favorite game