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Day 7 - Personality Paradox

Today's blog is going to be a bit more "sharry" than some of my previous posts and it concerns both my writing and some personal development concepts I've been toying with of late. So, with that disclaimer... "Who am I?" No, not me, or really not just me.. but what makes a character, a person or an actor in life or a story? What motivates the players in the great game? What motivates me? These are the sorts of questions I tend to dive into when I'm trying to develop a protagonist in my storys. I usually enter into a fiction writing endeavor with a general idea of a situation, a crisis and possible solution. I tend to be an evolutionary or organic writer - the characters change and evolve in my writing. my perspective on a player might be fixed in the beginning and end up completely altered in the end. I wish I could call that skillful storytelling - often it's just a factor of free expression and inconcistent execution. I work hard to understa