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Day 26: Transitions

Image T oday is my b i rthday.  I t 's been an interesting time and I find myself continuing to struggle with the demands of a professional life and a creative life. A few months back I claimed I was going to begin regular programming here, well as a part of my Birthday celebration I am starting that today. Here are previews of upcoming content and the proposed release schedule - now keep in mind the schedule is soft at this point.. life has a way of rewriting my plans all the time. The overall production schedule for Tuesday and Thursday releases: Vignette & Tales of Epic Badness (working title) - First week of the month. The Analog Gamer & Digital Depths - Second week of the month. Awesomely Random/Sines, Co-sines & Tangents (podcast) - Third week of the month. Short Fiction Theater - Fourth week. Upcoming Content Details: 1. Vignette (Art & Short Fiction) - Symonius the Sorcerer will be the first entry in