Day 26: Transitions

Today is my birthday. 

It's been an interesting time and I find myself continuing to struggle with the demands of a professional life and a creative life. A few months back I claimed I was going to begin regular programming here, well as a part of my Birthday celebration I am starting that today.

Here are previews of upcoming content and the proposed release schedule - now keep in mind the schedule is soft at this point.. life has a way of rewriting my plans all the time.

The overall production schedule for Tuesday and Thursday releases:

Vignette & Tales of Epic Badness (working title) - First week of the month.
The Analog Gamer & Digital Depths - Second week of the month.
Awesomely Random/Sines, Co-sines & Tangents (podcast) - Third week of the month.
Short Fiction Theater - Fourth week.

Upcoming Content Details:

1. Vignette (Art & Short Fiction) - Symonius the Sorcerer will be the first entry in this series. (December 6)

2. Tales of Epic Badness (Comic) - I'm refining my concept a bit.. this may take time to get an actual story done and drawn.. but I'll begin with character design images, and some artwork next week.

3. The Analog Gamer (Article) - Finding time - A discussion on the schedule challenges of running traditional pen and paper games and some suggestions to help fit this activity into your schedule.

4. Digital Depths (Article) - The World of MMORPG'S! - Some dissection on the basics of MMORPGs and the reasons people play, as well as some comments on recent evolutions in the genre.

5. "Sines, Co-Sines & Tangents" (Podcast) - Work in progress here as well - but this should be the latest podcast endeavor, still thinking I want to do opinion segments with radio-plays or something a bit less traditional. I need some guest hosts and co-conspirators to make this idea work and so far I've not recruited anyone yet.

6. Traditional Raves and Rants and Other Deep Thoughts - You know the typical blog stuff. (Unscheduled but infrequent I imagine)

7. Short Fiction Theater! (Fiction) - More of the short or developing fiction works.. probably continuations of The Spark or War Toys.. possibly even Heroes... with the potential for mixed media as well to punch up the words with visuals. (Monthly entries on the last Wenesday of the month)


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