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Day 6: Immortality Paradigm

Back on the idea front for some fiction writing! I have had a story churning about in my noggin the last few days as a result of a game I've played. The game is called Lost Odyssey - it's an early generation Xbox 360 game that plays a lot like Square-Enix's Final Fantasy X. Lost Odyssey is an odd hybrid of great idea and awkward storytelling. It focuses on an immortal main character who walks the planet from fight to fight looking for pieces of his lost memories and encountering other immortals along the way - some of whom don't like him very much. On the surface, Lost Odyssey is very similar to another one of my all-time favorite games - Planescape: Torment. Torment also features an immortal main protagonist who uncovers his past through the course of the adventure, and since both games use the amnesia trope you'd expect the predictable "savior of the world" redemption plot, but in the end both games play a little lose and show you that your hero is