The Spark - Work in Progress

Work is beginning on the first web comic story for The Spark Part 2. I'm not sure what my regular readers think, or even how many have read through the two introductory parts of The Spark story.

I tend to be a methodical planner when it comes to my work, so I'm in the process of identifying templates that match the mental image I've assigned to the characters you've met so far in the print and who will shortly enter the stage in the next two segments so I'm going to share some images of those templated people.. and the character descriptions I've worked up for them:

Today I'll cover the Clutch characters from the story. As I complete the character designs I'll be creating landing pages with actual artwork as well.  Let's start with Valana and her associates

Daragoth's Clutch

So for the basic characters for Daragoth's Clutch I wanted to do something a bit different. The Clutch is an ordered caste society. The dragons and dragonkin rule over the other races. While all the classic "fantasy races" exist in their world, the prime players are the elves and the dragonkin  - both being long lived and entertain a somewhat long view of life in the universe.

This position means that they initially don't accept the humans they will soon encounter or the dwarves and gnomes of the Priory of Kant (the third faction in the story who as o this point has not been introduced) and are in fact the aggressors in the initial contact. The Clutch's caste system is based on a rough magocracy - ruling castes are always specialist archmages or dragons. Sorcery is accepted as another form of magic channeled from inborn power while eldritch might comes from without - a magic field if you will. Crystals are the byproduct of this field and when the Clutch arrives they sense the lack of magic on the new world where the story will take place and began to grow the Crystals needed to sustain the eldritch energies. Every primary member of the society carries personal focus crystals as a source of power and communication back to the main settlement.

Valana Maristara – Expeditionary military sub-commander

Race: Dark Elf Sex: Female Age: 200
Ht:6'2" Wt:165lbs
Skin: Black Hair: Short Cropped Silver

Character History: Valana is a veteran of three previous expeditions. She is the leader of the military unit assigned to explore the planet in search of resources. She was the military leader during the first encounters of both the humans and the priory, she has a close relationship with the ruling caste, and Lady Almanthia in particular. Valana was borne into the military caste and is a creature of order. She is rigorously loyal to her society but she has a deep respect for the other societies  though her military indoctrination causes her to view their independence as only a temporary situation until they are subjugated or absorbed into the Clutch's society.
Personality: Valana is at heart a poet but her role as commander means she has a harsh demeanor to those below or outside her respect. She has confidence in Almanthia but feels she is a naive and young dragon who will learn. She has a pragmatic view on the whole expedition but admits she is in unknown territory.

Lady Almanthia - High Mage of the conclave - Seeker and Explorer

Race: Copper Dragon Sex: Female,
Age: 250yrs Appears mid 20's possibly early 30's.
Ht: 6'2 Wt:175lbs
Skin: Pale complexion
Hair: Coppery/Red– Long and flowing with crystal beads interwoven at intervals as highlights.

Character History: Almanthia is a young Copper dragon, born into a successful family of the Clutch she was assigned to the exploration of this world because of her need for experience and a natural curiosity. Almanthia prefers to appear in a hybrid dragon/elf form, she favors the elvish features and aside from the red/green tint of her skin and subtle sparkle and shine she could be mistaken for a highborne elf at a distance. Almanthia bears the title of High Mage of the Conclave, but this is mostly an archaic term that reflects the power of her family. Equivalent to a military rank among the Humans- it effectively gives Almanthia a median rank in the expedition within the ruling caste. She is also a master of magics that sense or detect things. She serves as the chronicler of the expedition and the historian as well.

Personality: Almanthia is quiet and reserved unlike most of her kind. Her natural curiosity and mischievous nature does not peek out much but it is always her driving force. Almanthia does not display the power of her real physical presence and despite her height and appearance she never "looks" imposing or important. She has a great love for the lesser races and balks a bit at the rigid caste structure of her people - feeling that sentient beings should instead be allowed to develop as far as they can without restrictions and the opportunity to work with the humans of the Confederation as well as the followers of Kant excites her greatly.

Par'Zan Luzold - Crystal Master

Race: Wild Elf Sex: Male Age: 350
Ht: 6’ Wt: 200lbs Skin: Pale Hair: Bald

Character History: Par'Zan is a crystal master, one of an elite form of mid-caste who is responsible for the growth and protection of the crystals that form the basis of Clutch construction and power. He is the 3rd in charge of the Crystal Arbor and sole expeditionary member of the team sent along with the ruling caste. His job is to encourage the expansion of the crystals to increase the power of the magic field on the planet . He recently discovered a wild growth of crystals unlike those the masters have ever encountered. These crystals have a different resonance and a much more concentrated energy field than what any of the arbor tenders have ever encountered.
Personality: Par'Zan is gregarious and outgoing but careful to protect his place in society. He understands how to work with people as well. There is a hidden mystery to the crystal master - his objectives always seem to align but his gains are often unknown as he is known to ply for less than the value of the work if he can gain something to promote that hidden agenda.


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