Day 24: Cyclomatic

Pan Ohio Hope Ride 2012 - Ohio Statehouse Steps
It's been an interesting year for me. I started a new job. I got back on the bike and rode a huge number of miles in my first Pan Ohio Hope ride and this week I'm coming full circle on a momentous, life-changing event from my past... I have my 10 year checkup for my colon after my surgery.

10 years clean and clear, so I can hopefully move to a five year check cycle or maybe god forfend.. even a 10 year cycle.

I wish I could say I was cool with everything going on right now. I'm spending every night studying for the CISSP exam. I'm working in a job that while interesting can tax you mentally and emotionally through stress and performance requirements, and I'm lamenting roads not taken.

I've done a lot of that in fact. Then again, I've come to realize I naval gaze a lot no matter if the time is good or bad. Right now it's not really either sunny yellow or dour blue... it just sorta is both. (and according to my Art School education.. well that's a messy color of which I'm not particularly fond.)

My studying should be over in a month or so as I intend to sit for the exam in late November/Early December. Hopefully, by then I can reclaim a bit of my life back and relax a bit.

It's almost training season for next year's Pan after all.. and while I've done most of the work once, next year I've pledged to do all of it.. and to train enough that I can overcome some of the obstacles I had during this year's ride.

(Lets see if anyone gets the title reference...)


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