Revision and Revisit


That's a word to describe my creative life in the last year or two. I eek out a little here and there but I'm finding it hard to focus on the fun things.

The Hazardous Precept is that I may not have the time or energy to be creative.

The Hazardous Precept is that I might not have a voice I can share.

So.. I'm going to try. I'm likely to fail, but I need this for me. I'm not sure what form the Blog will evolve into, I need creative outlets. I want to finish a few game designs, I want to tell more than a few tales... I need to make it happen.

Hopefully, someone will come with me on this trip, and those who have stood back and watched will work to remind me I owe them the effort as much as I owe it to myself for however long they wish to follow.


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