Happy Anniversary Hazardous Precept!

A quick post to wish the latest incarnation of the blog a happy year of operation. A year back I decided to register a domain for my long standing blogspot and for awhile I did a good job of adding content.

Over the last year I've writing short fiction, posted artwork, talked about my creative processes and gotten completely distracted by the business of life and career taking over my creative life.

I still have the will and the big plans. I just have not found the extra time or energy to make them real.

To all my readers, I hope you enjoy the content when it comes. I wish I could deliver it more consistently or share the load with other interested creatives but for now the Blog will saunter on, receiving sporadic attention when my workload ebbs or my energy levels spike. It's no way to run an empire but it's all I can manage at the moment.

Happy Anniversary The Hazardous Precept! and here is to many more successful rants and raves in futures yet unrealized.



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