Day 20: A Momentary Distraction


Like the color of water  

Sky Blue

I'd heard so many answers before I usually tuned them out, but for some reason hers stuck in my mind.

Because there is only one color that creates peace and panic as well.

How many had I heard answer with the same words? How many had ever considered the answer more than a simple verbalization?

The color you associate with the cold, yet smile when it stares down at you on a windy spring day.

Her choice wasn't atypical. 
Blue was in fact the most common color chosen, but I had never heard anyone speak so passionately about why. 
They never seemed to care.

When I was a small girl I visited the sea. 

I remember the lapping waves nipping at my pink ankles. 

The water never looked blue there.

I wondered from where this wisdom came. 
She didn't appear sagely. 
She didn't show the spark of insight

Mother always explained the water was blue because of the sky. 

I remember arguing it was the other way around. 

The sky so loved the water that it took on its likeness

I nodded and smiled. 
Her choice would be easy to fulfill but hard to forget.

She humored me I think. 

That was alright. 

I knew the truth regardless.

In the end we all want peace, I saw so many pass by who failed to find it.

Shall I go now?

I knew I had found her too late, or had she found me?
In the end we want more than peace it seems. 
We also want companionship.

Will I remember? 

Will I know anything? 

Will I recall all I experienced?

So I looked down upon her prostrate form and smiled. 
It was a smile she could never truly see.
She offered her freely and I took it.
In my firm grip, we walked through the door.  
Then I bid her farewell and returned to my horse.
 A pale white mare who waited patiently for this short eternity to pass.


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