Day 19: Regularly Scheduled Programming

GM Shawn is a gracious and forgiving god.. honest.
Re-Re-Re-committing to the blog life is a noble goal. In my last aspirational post I discussed some of my ideas for getting the creativity back into my non-work life.

It felt good to write a games related piece and I realize not everyone is interested in that content, but I enjoy writing it. I also have put a lot of thought into the other concepts and so here and now I'm proposing a few recurring features to this here blog...

1. Vignette - This recurring feature will focus on a concept, character or image that I've spent time with before and want to revisit. I've got the Wacom Graphire Tablet plugged back in, the Sketchbook PRO license fired up and a multi-year history of storytelling with friends. I envision this as more a mixed media piece possibly running in mini-series format focusing on a character or group of characters.

My first bit is a now and then concept that will feature some older hand art and new "later" pieces to illustrate the gap in time since I lived in those characters' worlds. This will be art followed by short fiction pieces or opinions. I've even considered Ken Burns style documentary video pieces with narration to spike things up a bit in the future.

2. Tales of Epic Badness - Not quite sure what this will become yet, I've thought of maybe doing a series of web comics.. but that might take too much work right now to be feasible and deliverable on any regular basis.

3. The Analog Gamer - I'm resurrecting my traditional gaming feature. This appeared in a few forms at a few websites over the last few years.. did I use the term few enough?

4. Digital Depths - This would be a mirror of The Analog Gamer with a focus on digital games, game design, reviews and opinions.. and maybe even a few interviews.

5. Awesomely Random - Work in progress here as well - but this should be the latest podcast endeavor, still thinking I want to do opinion segments with radio-plays or something a bit less traditional. I need some guest hosts and co-conspirators to make this idea work and so far I've not recruited anyone yet.

6. Traditional Raves and Rants and Other Deep Thoughts - You know the typical blog stuff.

7. Short Fiction Theater! - More of the short or developing fiction works.. probably continuations of The Spark or War Toys.. possibly even Heroes... with the potential for mixed media as well to punch up the words with visuals.

SO.. there you have it.. the grand scheme. Next I need to figure out a regular production schedule and run-time and get on it. I notice huge spikes in page-views (I keep cheering things like: "Wow! I got like 10 after that last post I ROCK!!") when I have content regularly posted. Many of the readers of this site are friends and acquaintances whose views I actually cherish. I'd love more interaction but maybe that will come in time.

One of the best things about creative works is sharing them and participating with how others absorb and process them. Next up... I plan to kick off the Vignette by visiting the members of a nasty adventuring company from the past.

As always.. don't hesitate to leave a comment, subscribe or post your thoughts on G+ or Facebook or Twitter.. Also with this expansion of concept I am looking for co-victims.. feel free to volunteer!


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