Day 8: Freefall Fare

Absent for about a month, I am finally taking some time to put down my recent thoughts and some of the things that are going on in my life. Right now I'm dealing with a lot of uncertainty. Uncertainty about my career and it's path. Uncertainty around our family goals and needs. Just general uncertainty.

I'm not looking to make this blog a personal blog about how hard life is or how rough the world treats me because frankly life is not as hard for me as for some, and the world doesn't single anyone out - it just is what it is and we all experience it in our own way.

Instead I thought I'd just share some general things.. and hopefully I'll get the time to come back and do something more focused and blog-centric later this week. I recently acquired a bike. Not one of those Schwin things, or a Harley, but damned near something in between - a road bike.

I've been trying to get to this point for many years now - my health is okay and my fitness is deteriorating so I put forward a goal of riding regularly. Now, this is Columbus so there are a few months of the year that only the most dedicated cyclists can enjoy, but I have a goal to reach and posting it here will serve as the constant reminder.

By August of next year I want to be in shape enough and driven enough to attempt a ride from Cleveland to Cincinnatti over the course of a single weekend. I will need to make some changes and amp up the discipline a bit over the coming months to train myself into that sort of form, but a goal must be set and efforts must be made.


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