Day 10: Change is a Constant in Change

The news I've been juggling over the last few weeks is finally taking its final form. Very soon I'll be making another job transition. I'll be leaving OSU for a great career opportunity as a part of a team of very professional, intense and driven folks and I'm both excited and scared.

This new venture is part of the technical field I love so much -- Information Technology Security - specifically Computer forensics and Information Assurance. I'm an analytical sorta guy and puzzle solving is something that makes me very happy. It's what drove me into this career path all those years ago, and when added with my interest in being a part of a high performing company the future looks pretty damned bright.

We're still finalizing my start date, and working to get me hooked up to the information firehose, but for those who wondered about the silence here and in other spaces of my online life - well that may change a bit in the near future. I might even be inspired to do some writing again as a release for the massive amount of learning I'm going to need to do as a part of this new job.

So.. in summary.. happy days.. change.. whole new me (or not.. just the same old me at a different place).


  1. So glad you found your nitch, it has been a long time coming. I wish you the best in your new adventure that seems to meet your wondering mind. All my love, Mom

  2. Lots of luck and many happy times in your job, which has eluded your for many years. Mom


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