Day 1 - The First Mundane Post is the Worst

So this is day one on the resurrected Blogger version of the Hazardous Precept. Overall a bit of a bummer day - ended up spending 2k on car repairs - which is enough to cripple us financially till the end of the month. (Getting paid 1x per month sucks sometimes...)

On the creative front I had a bit of a strike out as far as recruiting players for a Tuesday night game session. I think I might just go out and try and find a new group. Be a player not a storyteller and recharge my batteries. I need to step away from the dynamics of my past groups a bit and hopefully rekindle the passion I have for the hobby.

Writing wise I'm still at a standstill. Not really doing any active work aside from the monthly Columbus Parent gig. I have plenty of seeds planted here on the blog, but I have not gotten a lot of feedback so far, so I'm not sure which of them are worth diving into. I'm not prepared to do a lot until some other things in my personal and professional life settle down some.  We'll have to see where this goes.

I've committed to a personal goal of posting something every day on this blog so I can get back into the regular pattern. No guarantees that the content will be worth reading, but at least it's a useful personal exercise on attaining goals. I need small wins sometimes.

Tomorrow I teach my Game Design class - if you can call it teaching at this point - my students are in the development phase and not making huge progress, but at least they seem to be somewhat enjoying themselves. I have a module of my own I'd like to develop at some point, though I think I'm likely to use a more modern engine than NWN - maybe Dragon Age or The Witcher... not sure yet.


  1. I like the look and feel of the place, Shawn. I've committed to the same one post a day, and like you, I've become resolute in the fact that most days will be boring.

    The really interesting stuff, mainly my boss's behavior can't be blogged about in detail, simply because I'm not an idiot. As dimwitted as he may be, even HE would be able to figure out I'm talking about him if I keep saying "My Boss" and it's on a website whose domain is my name.

  2. What Tuesday night game?

  3. Eva - I posted some things about wanted to do a Tuesday night game awhile back.. hopefully one I can play in.


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